Camping de la Pointe du Talud in Ploemeur: the city and activities

Camping de la Pointe du Talud is ideally located in the heart of South Brittany in Ploemeur. You can enjoy many activities in an extraordinary natural setting between land and sea, for an enriching and relaxing holiday rental stay. Ploemeur also has a very rich heritage, to be discovered urgently!

Ploemeur, a city and a region to visit

From the Breton "Planwour" to Ploemeur Ploue(v) Meur meaning "Parish", Ploemeur is a city full of history. Indeed, many megalithic monuments attest to a human presence since the Neolithic period. These megaliths are the particularity of this region. Despite much destruction, Ploemeur retains a rich heritage, 13 sites have been identified as worthy of "territorial protection" and 6 have been developed.

The city also has several chapels and fountains, including the Chapel of St. Anne and its Calvary and the Fontaine Notre Dame, both of which are part of the historical heritage. Its great diversity allows Ploemeur to offer a wide range of activities to discover with family or friends.

Activities to discover near the Camping de la Pointe du Talud

Ploemeur is a city that offers many opportunities for activities, both on land and at sea. You can recharge your batteries in the countryside or on the coast. On the coast you can discover the surrounding islands like Groix Island in front of the campsite, or take the boat that is in Lomener, less than 5 minutes from the campsite, to get there. You can also enjoy activities on the coast or enjoy the sumptuous beaches. Choice of activities: Walking or cycling on the 17 km of coastal path, angling or water sports, idleness on the beach of Le Péréllo at only 800 m. Close to the Pointe du Talud campsite, it is possible to visit the Pont Scorff Zoo located 20 minutes away, the city of Sailing and the underwater world in Lorient 15 minutes away, the village of Poul Fétan 45 minutes away... without forgetting the megaliths, fountains, chapels and museums in the surroundings to discover on Ploemeur and its region.

Discover all the destinations of Tourism in South Brittany during your stay at Camping de la Pointe du Talud.

Camping Hours

The Camping is open from 07/04 to 29/09/2018.

Opening hours of the reception reception of the campsite:

In low season:
9:00 - 12:30 and 14:00 - 17:00

In high season:
09:00 - 13:00 and 14:30 - 18:30

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